Here you will find resources designed to educate and inform, as well as tools to help defend the pool, spa and hot tub industry from drought-related water restrictions.

The Pool & Hot Tub Industry: Part of the Drought Solution

This flyer is designed for industry professionals to raise awareness about the need to get involved and help defend the pool and hot tub industry.

Water Conservation

This document is designed to educate both consumers and industry professionals about water conservation.

Facts About Pool Water Use

These materials include helpful messaging and talking points that can be used by industry professionals to help demonstrate that pools are not water wasters.

Industry Talking Points

These talking points can be used to prepare and assist industry professionals in defending the industry from restrictions on filling or constructing new pools.

Water Conservation Tips for Pool and Hot Tub Users

These consumer materials provide water conservation tips for pool and hot tub users to maximize their pools and conserve water when in use.

Hot Tubs are Water Wise

This consumer document is designed to educate hot tub owners on facts surrounding hot tub water usage and smart water conservation tips.

Bill Insert

This bill insert is designed for industry professionals to include with customer bills as a way to educate them on water smart practices for their pools and hot tubs

Door Hanger

This door hanger is designed as a leave-behind for industry professionals to encourage water conservation with their pool and hot tub customers.

Draft Letter to City Officials

This letter can be used for hot tubs, swimming pools or both to request reconsideration of a ban or ask for exemption from a ban under consideration.

All resources are designed to be customized with your business logo to help us spread the word about responsible pool and hot tub ownership and water conservation. Source files are available on request.