Winterizing Your Pool in California

When people think of California, they imagine palm trees, sunshine, beaches and year-long lounges by the pool. As we move into the winter months most regions have already winterized their pools for the off-season. In Southern California, however, seasons are typically much milder than the rest of the country. This begs the question for some Californians: is it even necessary to winterize your pool?

In short, yes, you should consider winterizing your pool for the winter. Especially if you do not plan to use your pool over the next few months. As pools typically only need to be drained for extensive repairs, winterizing your pool can protect against damages caused by surprise weather changes such as temperature drops and storms. Additionally, it’s a great water saving practice because it ensures your pool will be ready when swimming season arrives again. It will save you time and money on repairs, supplies and utility expenses.

Luckily, winterizing a pool in California is much less work than in most other states. By following the steps below, you can prepare your pool for the off season.

  1. Clean. Vacuum the pool and make sure to remove all dirt and debris trapped in the skimmer basket(s).
  2. Balance the pool water. Check the pH and add the right chemicals when necessary. Once balanced, your pool can go without adding regular chemicals weekly until the warm weather arrives.
  3. Check the filter. Cleaning your filter ensures it gets the job done through the lower than usual temperatures and gets your pool water ready for spring.
  4. Don’t drain. If you drain your pool in winter, water can accumulate in the ground beneath and around the swimming pool during the rainy season which can cause serious damage to your pool.
  5. Cover up. Placing a cover over your pool helps protect it from debris and conserves water by reducing water vapor.

Winterizing your pool is a great maintenance practice to safeguard your pool’s pristine condition for the spring and summer months. Be sure to work with a local pool professional for all your maintenance needs to protect your investment for years to come.