Prepping Your Pool for Winter

As the weather gets colder, pool owners across the country are preparing their pool for the off-season. But owners living in areas with milder winters, like Texas or southern California, may be wondering if they really need to winterize their pool.  

The answer is yes – especially if you are not planning on using your pool over the next few months! Prepping your pool for winter can help you save on maintenance costs by preventing damage caused by storms or temperature drops. Winterizing can even make it easier to open your pool next spring and help you save water in the process.  

How to Prep Your Pool for the Off-Season 

  1. Remove Your Pool Accessories. Whether it’s a ladder, skimmer basket, or pool steps, you’ll want to remove any accessories you might have from your pool. You can then clean them off and store them somewhere safe for the winter.  
  1. Give Your Pool a Deep Clean. Vacuum your pool to remove any debris or dirt that may have gotten stuck this pool season. You can also brush the sides and bottom of your pool during this step. Doing so will make it easier to balance the water for the winter. 
  1. Adjust Your Pool Water. Check your pool’s pH levels and add chemicals as needed. After you’ve balanced the levels, your pool can go without regular chemicals until temperatures start to rise again.   
  1. Check the Filter. Clean your filter to ensure that it can run efficiently throughout the off-season.  
  1. Don’t Drain. Draining your pool in the winter can allow for water to accumulate in the ground beneath your pool and around it, potentially leading to serious structural damage to your pool. Plus, leaving your water levels be is a great way to make sure your pool is water wise all year round.  
  1. Cover the Pool. Place a cover on your pool to help prevent any dirt from falling into it during the winter months. Your cover can also help reduce water evaporation rates, in turn helping you save water!  

Keep an eye on your pool throughout the winter and flag any concerns with your local pool professional. Winterizing your pool not only helps you be water wise but is also a great way to protect your investment for the warmer months ahead. We encourage you to read other tips and tricks on our website to help you get the most out of your pool and spa.