Join the Drought Defense Fund

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Pool Construction Shutdowns

Californians are experiencing one of the most severe droughts in our state’s history. Our reservoir levels are critically low. In fact, 85% of the state is considered in a severe drought situation and over 50 cities in California are at risk of running out of drinking water. Already, the California State Water Board has cut off water to thousands of California farmers, declaring the use of water for agriculture and wine production unreasonable. In addition, most California cities are in the process of implementing stages of their Urban Water Management Plans, which in many cases restricts the use of public water to fill new swimming pools. In reality, the pool building industry can actually play a pivotal role in conservation efforts.

We Need Your Help Now

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance has committed $200,000 in support of efforts to protect our industry and correct the record regarding the pool and hot tub industry’s use of water. We can’t do it alone. The more financial support we raise, the more we can invest in resources to change the perception and educate regulators about the impact the pool and hot tub industry has on the California economy. By donating to the Drought Defense Fund, your contribution will help:

  • Develop resources to help PHTA members effectively engage with their communities, customers, and municipalities with their communities, customers, and municipalities
  • Execute a public awareness campaign to educate Californians about water conservation
  • Launch targeted content marketing and paid ad campaigns
  • Execute a public service announcement campaign

Get Involved

Become a member of CPSA/PHTA and ask other pool and spa industry professionals to do the same. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor a statewide media campaign and monitor the actions of some 458 California cities and 700 water districts. Protect your livelihood. Engage with your representatives. Donate to the drought defense fund. Attend city council meetings where restrictions on the use of public water to fill new pools is on the agenda. These meetings are virtual, so you can attend remotely. CPSA has developed all the facts and materials you need.

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